Criminal Court remands rap artist Pest for duration of trial

Ismail Ifham Mohamed AKA Pest. | Photo: Lavafoshi

Malé, Maldives – The Criminal Court of Maldives has decided that there is sufficient evidence and remanded Maldivian rap artist Pest for the duration of his trial.

Pest of Symbolic Records was arrested on 13 February with four others by Maldives Police Service in a drug bust with 2KG in Malé city.

Police said that the drug bust was carried out along with their Drug Enforcement Department following information received by the intelligence that drugs are being smuggled at a wide range in Malé.

The five arrested are,

  • Ahmed Shamoon, Handhuvareehiya, L. Gan
  • Ahmed Husaam, Roashanhiya, L. Gan
  • Ismail Ifham Mohamed, Dhiguvaadu (Pest), Fuvahmulah
  • Mohamed Suaidh, Abadhahufaa, L. Gan
  • Abdullah Sajiu Hassan, MA.Malikuruvaage, Malé

During the drug operation carried out by the Drug Enforcement Department, four houses, a cycle and a boat docked at Malé North Harbour were raided.

The 5 people arrested in the operation have been remanded for 15 days as decided by the Criminal Court. The Drug Enforcement Department is further investigating the case.

Pest is one of the leading artists of Maldives’ local rap band, Symbolic Records’ and is often referred to as the “King of Rap” of Maldives.