Free wifi spots for Malé city

Malé Mayor Muizzu | Photo: PPM

Malé, Maldives — Mayor of Male’ City Council, Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has informed on Tuesday that they have begun a project to install wifi network in the entire capital Male’ city.

Speaking at a news conference that was held on Tuesday, Dr. Muizzu stated that two meetings have been held with the two major telecom companies in Maldives, Ooredoo and Dhiraagu to install wifi in the entire Male’ city. Dr. Muizzu stated that the companies will be given a proposal for this project within the upcoming week.

Aim is to change Male’ city to have limited amount of free wifi access in Male’ streets, public places and usual places. We are working on doing that now.

Male’ City Council Mayor, Dr. Mohamed Muizzu

Dr. Muizzu detailed that under this project, wifi will be installed in the capital Male’ city first, however, installing wifi in entire Villimale’ will also be included in the project later on along with Hulhumale’ once the work of Hulhumale’ is assigned to the Male’ City Council.

While Dr. Muizzu announced installing wifi network in the entire city, the cheapened internet prices are set to be announced tomorrow.

The government presented the following as new prices and quality of the internet.

  • 30GB at the speed of 5MBPS for MVR 250 (2MBPS as throttle speed).
  • 100GB at the speed of 15MBPS for MVR 500 (5MBPS as throttle speed).
  • 200GB at the speed of 25MBPS for MVR 750 (5MBPS as throttle speed).

The throttle speeds for broadband cannot be lower than 2Mbps in the Maldives. Along with this, for packages above MVR 300, the throttle speed is not to decrease below 5Mbps.

Residential internet package prices are to decrease by 28 to 30 percent starting July 1 while mobile data changes are set to go into effect from October 1 onwards.

While reducing the price of the internet was one of the most important vows made by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih when he came into power, even after three years of his presidency, no changes were seen in the prices and the quality, this was quickly followed by much criticism from several citizens towards the government.