MP Azim expresses concern over expat involvement in terrorism in Maldives

Parliament member for Henveiru central constituency and Maldivian Democratic Party's parliamentary group leader, Ali Azim | Photo: Majlis

Malé, Maldives – MP of Henveyru Central Constituency and Leader of MDP Parliamentary Group Ali Azim on Wednesday, said that number of expatriates getting involved in terrorist crimes are increasing and that the migrant workers in Thilafushi are actively inducing in such (terrorist) activities.

Speaking at Thursday’s Parliamentary sitting, MP Azim said that Thilafushi is a big nest of migrants and that majority of them are unlawfully living there. MP Azim added that the usage of weapons, teaching weaponry and bomb explosions are very likely to happen in the island.

In addition to this, MP Azim also raised concern over the negligence of the relevant authorities in regularly checking the status of Thilafushi. He added that Thilafushi must be regularly maintained.

He stressed that a face off between the migrants in Thilafushi and national defensive authorities is likely and it will be an act of terrorism. He added that they must prepare for such an incident in advance and take the necessary precautionary measures.

The aforementioned statements were made at today’s Parliamentary debate on the bill with amendments to anti terrorism law sponsored by MP of Kurendhoo Constituency Abdul Qanee Abdul Hakeem. The main purpose of the bill is to ease current complications for the relevant authorities in the legal procedure when dealing with cases of terrorism.

One major amendment to the anti terrorism law proposed in the bill is to allow for Maldives Police Service to captivate suspects of terrorism without a court order for 48 hours. The current law allows for such suspects to be detained without s court order for maximum 24 hours. The bill also includes further detailing of the legal procedures when dealing with cases of terrorism.