IGMH opens for physical consultations

IGMH | Photo: Google

Male’, Maldives – Indira Gandi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) in capital Male’ city has announced that from tomorrow onwards, they will be open for citizens to visit the hospital for consultations and medical treatments. `

The hospital temporarily halted providing services in the hospital for common diseases due to the surge in the number of Covid-19 cases over the past month, instead, treating patients virtually. However, with the gradual decrease in the number of cases and multiple easements in the capital city, IGMH has also announced that they will be open for physical consultations from tomorrow onwards.

A statement released by IGMH read that OPD, physiotherapy and occupational therapy sessions will also begin from tomorrow onwards, along with mental treatments for required patients. The hospital will also provide radiology and laboratory services once it opens for citizens.

In addition to this, IGMH stated that they have decided to begin the medical services that were temporarily halted due to Covid-19; TMT, endoscopy and bronchoscopy from tomorrow onwards as well.

IGMH informed that the hospital will be open for services at the fixed time period every day except on Friday and noted that although citizens are now allowed to enter the hospital, they still have the option to conduct virtual consultations with the doctors.