Male’, Hulhulhe’, Hulhumale’ electricity connection via single network complete

Electricity engines installed in Hulhumale'. | Photo: Mihaaru

Male’, Maldives – Physical work of the Inter Connection Project to connect the electricity of Male’, Hulhulhe’ and Hulhumale’ with a single network has been completed today.

While the physical work has been completed, State Electric Company Limited (STELCO) informs that the only incomplete thing remaining in the project is the “energizing” work, and that it is also expected to finish on the coming Friday.

Once the work is energized, STELCO stated that they will be able to provide electricity to Male’ and Hulhulhe’ from Hulhumale’ with a single network; a solution for the electricity problems capital Male’ city has been facing.

While the 50 megawatt engine installed in Hulhumale’ can provide a total of 50 megawatt electricity, the island only requires 15 megawatt to power the island. Under this project, the remaining electricity produced by the engine will be shared with Male’ and Hulhulhe’ once the “energizing” work is completed.

As the electricity demand in the capital Male’ city increases an average of seven percent per year, STELCO stated that this project will likely solve all the problems faced by the residents of Male’ city and will also meet the demands of the city.