Maldives Immigration sends back 248 arrivals with false vouchers

Go Air flight | Photo: IMTM

Male’, Maldives – Maldives Immigration denied the entry of 248 passengers yesterday and sent them back as they attempted to enter the Maldives with false hotel bookings.

Maldives Immigration informed that 248 passengers who arrived to the Maldives with false vouchers from Go Air airline were sent back from the same airline on Thursday.

According to the Immigration, such a massive amount of people were deceived into entering the Maldives with false vouchers. The Immigration is unsure of whether an Indian agent or a Maldivian agent had deceived the people.

Controller General (CG) of Immigration Maldives, Mohamed Ahmed Hassain (Hanafy) thanked the vigilant officers for identifying the fraud and took the opportunity to assure that the Immigration will remain firm in safeguarding the borders of the Maldives.

Media Official of Immigration informed that the immigration is not further investigating the matter as the passengers were caught before they entered the country, and the Immigration rules state that such matters will only be investigated if the passengers had entered the country.