Maldives delays Vaccine Tourism to fourth quarter of 2021

Vakkaru Maldives resort
Vakkaru Maldives resort. | Photo: OV Maldives.

Male’, Maldives – Tourism Ministry of Maldives announced today they have decided to delay the Vaccine Tourism Program till the fourth quarter due to the difficulty in procuring the Covid-19 vaccine.

Tourism Minister Abdullah Mausoom earlier informed that the Vaccine Tourism Program to allow tourists to vaccinate in the Maldives, will begin in the third quarter of this year, however, Deputy Minister of Tourism Ministry, Assad Riza informed that the Vaccine Tourism Program can only begin after the entire population of Maldives administers two doses of Covid-19 vaccine.

So far, 50% of the eligible population of Maldives has been fully vaccinated, while 80 percent of tourism industry workers are fully vaccinated.

Vaccine Tourism Program will begin once the population of Maldives is covered. Previously we estimated the entire country to be vaccinated by now, and for the Vaccine Tourism Program to begin in third quarter.

Deputy Tourism Minister Assad Riza

However, due to the difficulties in procuring Covid-19 vaccines for the country, Assad stated that the Ministry has decided to postpone the program till fourth quarter.

Assad added that the program may be delayed again if the entire population of the country has not been fully vaccinated by the end of the fourth quarter.