Proper investigation was not done on May Terror Attack: Alex Ahmed

Male’, Maldives – Anonymous Twitter user, Alex Ahmed (@anedhivehirajje), alleged to be an account of Speaker Mohamed Nasheed claimed that no proper investigation on the May Terror Attack was done by the Maldives Police Service (MPS).

Alex Ahmed tweeted on Sunday expressing his opinion that he does no think that MPS did a proper investigation on the assassination attempt on “him.”

Alex Ahmed claimed that MPS did not trace the movements of the people that were arrested for having a hand in the May Terror Attack nor did they find the origin of the materials that were used in the terror attack. He also noted that MPS failed to find out who funded the operation as well.

Alex further alleged that MPS has also not figured out the technology that was used by the extremists and how they were able to construct an IED with a remote detonation. He added that MPS failed to find out the people who were aware of the attack beforehand as well.

Noting that MPS did not trace beyond Abdulla Ali Manik and even those who knew of the attempt, Alex stated that MPS can do a much better job in carrying out the investigation, however, he stated that “they seems to have dropped the catch.”

During the press conferences that were held regarding the May Terror Attack, Police continuously refrained from giving details of the investigation they have done or of their progress in the investigation as well. However, Police recently informed that they have received major progress in the investigation and stated that it is going very well.