Maleeh, Abdul Kareem & Waheed join opposition PPM

Male’, Maldives – Former Communications, Science and Technology Minister, Mohamed Maleeh Jameel, former MDP MP for South Henveyru Constituency, Mohamed Abdul Kareem and former Thulisdhoo Constituency, Ibrahim Waheed joins Opposition party, PPM.

Vice President of PPM, Ahmed Shiyam states that the joining of Maleeh, Abdul Kareem & Waheed to PPM is an Eid gift to the Opposition coalition and that it is a great motivation to PPM in making the government more responsible and answerable to the people.

Abdul Kareem previously also worked as a member of the Male’ City Council for MDP, until he left the ruling party in 2019. Later that year, Abdul Kareem competed in the 2019 Parliament elections as an Independent member, however, he did not win the chair.

While Waheed had previously also worked for PPM, he was removed from the party in 2017. Waheed served at Jumhoori party before he rejoined PPM last night.

Maleeh had also previously worked for PPM, and even served the country as a Youth Minister during Yameen Abdul Gayyoom presidency. However, when he was removed from the position, Maleeh left PPM and joined Jumhoori Party. Maleeh left Jumhoori Party after he was removed from the Communication Minister’s position with a no confidence vote in early March.