Current situation does not allow for Hithadhoo-Hulhumeedhoo bridge: MP Nazil

Member of Parliament for Hithadhoo Constituency Ibrahim Nazil Photo: Majilis.

Addu City, Maldives – MP of Hithadhoo South Constituency Ibrahim Nazil on Wednesday, said that the current situation does not allow for the development of a bridge between Addu City Hulhumeedhoo and connected islands.

Speaking on Clubhouse last night, MP Nazil said that developing a bridge between Hulhumeedhoo and connected islands in Addu City was something promised by Addu City Mayor Ali Nizar during his campaign and that such an easy access to transport will provide economical advantages as well.

However, MP Nazil noted that it is difficult for him to believe that a bridge can be developed in the current situation. He added that there are many essential things that have not yet been done in Addu City.

In addition to this, MP Nazim said that the state has not receive any income these past two years due to Covid-19, noting that Finance Minister Ibrahim Ameer recently shared that financial status of the country with President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

Nazil said that the financial situation of the country has been taken back to 2014 and that he does not believe projects like building a bridge can be started during these times. However, Nazil said that it is a good idea to discuss the project with the government once the financial situation of the nation improves and that building a bridge will bring many advantages for the citizens.