MP Nazil calls for leniency towards Aimindhatha arrested for child abuse

Member of Parliament for Hithadhoo Constituency Ibrahim Nazil Photo: Majilis.

Addu City, Maldives – Parliamentarian for South Hithadhoo constituency today asked for leniency for the 59 year old Aimindhatha arrested for sexual abuse of a minor in Addu City.

The MP who represents both the arrested and the victim stated that he is closely monitoring the situation, speaking to all the stakeholders and requested house arrest for the suspect due to ill health.

Why is [Aimindhatha] not released just like everyone else who was questioned, asks the public.

The parliamentarian said that in his discussions with the school principal, leading teachers and other janitorial staff, he has not met one person who has said that the woman is capable of such a crime and instead state that she is incapable of it. Aimindhatha also had not had such a complaint against her in her 29 year career.

While refraining to comment personally on the police investigation, MP Nazil requested leniency for the arrested given that it is the month of Ramadan and the environment of Addu City.

The Member of Parliament also alluded to allegations of loopholes in the investigation and police verbal violence in using vulgar language in questioning children about sexual abuse.

We should check if the medical report was made according to someone else’s wishes

MP Nazil stated that the child who registered at the school in February 2022 was examined following the incident by a relative allowing possible manipulation of the medical report.

The size of the toilets [in the school] leaves little room for an abusive act according to the janitorial staff.

The janitorial staff further noted that the procedure of the school does not allow the staff to enter the toilets and instead assists students while standing outside the toilet booths.

The sexual abuse case of a 6 year old at a school in Hithadhoo by a janitorial staff and consecutive arrest has caused major protests in Addu City. The protestors allege that the child in question was abused by a close family member and accuse police of negligence in the treatment of the elderly Aimindhatha arrested for the crime. The suspect was remanded in custody till the end of trial.

Police stated last week that they are exploring all avenues including the possibility of the involvement of another individual in the case.

Addu Mayor Ali Nizar has also urged the police to take public suspicions into consideration in the investigation.