Extremist inmates to be detained in a special unit

Prisoners in Dhoonidhoo jail | Photo: Avas

Malé, Maldives – Commissioner of Prisons Ahmed Mohamedfulhu on Thursday, revealed that a separate unit has been developed in Maafushi Jail to detain and rehabilitate extremist terrorists.

Giving information to local media Adhadhu, Commissioner of Prisons Ahmed Mohamedfulhu said that extemist prisoners will be transferred to “Unit 8” developed by the Home Ministry, next month and that the unit will be specialised for such prisoners.

the Commissioner said that they have noted around 40-50 prisoners as extremists as they were convicted for an act of terrorism or for other reasons. He said that unit 8 will be run as a special management unit and that they will get assistance from experts in the field to come up with a standard procedure for the unit.

He noted that this will enable them to classify the extremists and identify the vulnerable ones among then and who should be sympathised with. He added that their aim is to reintegrate the prisoners into the society through a special treatment program for the inmates.

In addition to this, the Commissioner of Prisons said that even now, they are trying much as possible to keep the extemists separate from the other prisoners and that some dangerous level extremists are kept in separate cells.

The Committee on Deaths and Disappearances said that the place where extemist ideology is spread at the largest scale in Maldives are in prisons and that along with other prisoners, some prison guards are also being swayed into the ideology.