All parents of HDh. Hirimaradhoo on strike over lack of school resources

Hirimaradhoo school. | Photo: Saf Azhar

Haa Dhaalu Atoll, Maldives – Council of Hirimaradhoo has stated that the parents in the island has refused to send their kids to school until a solution is found for the long unresolved issues in the school.

Although the new academic year began yesterday, no student attended the Hirimaradhoo school. Council states this is because the school was unsuccessful in completing multiple requests of the parents.

A team of Education Ministry met the parents of Hirimaradhoo following this incident, where the parents requested the Ministry to provide a date for when their requests will be completed. However, Vice President of Hirimaradhoo Council, Mohamed Aruzan informed that the Ministry was unable to provide an answer either.

Ministry requested the parents to send the kids to school. But what will kids do at school? Most books are not available for the students of any grades.

Vice President of Hirimaradhoo Council, Mohamed Aruzan

While there is only one printer available in the school, Aruzan stated that the Ministry suggested to print lessons instead on each period.

Although the team from MoE stated yesterday that students will begin their studies from today onwards, Vice President informs that no student attended the school today as well. The team has also been requested to meet the demands of the parents or at least provide a date for when it will be completed.

Some of the concerns of parents include of teachers who have stayed in the school for over 13-15 years, and still not able to provide a good education for the students, along with having too many expatriate teachers in the school. The parents are also not satisfied that the principal of the school is from India, and have requested the Ministry for a proficient Maldivian principal instead.

While there are a total of 64 students in Hirimaradhoo school, Aruzan informs that no results have been generated from any subject this year and that the result is at 0 percent. Along with this, he also stated that the teachers have failed to improve the performance of students for eight consecutive years and that no students of Hirimaradhoo has passed English subject for the past eight years.