Addu City faces Police shortages amid escalating violence

Police check point in Hithadhoo, Addu City | Photo: adduLIVE

Addu City, Maldives – Addu City Council today states that the council has not received an update from the Ministry of Home Affairs a month after requesting additional resources amid rising crimes in the city.

Speaking to local news Mihaaru, Deputy Mayor of Addu City Ibrahim Shuaau said that Addu City Council has sent a letter to the Ministry of Home Affairs explaining the shortage of police officers and vehicles in the city. The City Council has also sent an analysis of police officers in Addu City and requested a solution. Shuaau states that while the Home Ministry gave an initial response, there has been no update since.

Addu City has a population of over 34,000 and an increasing number of crimes recently. The current police force and vehicles are inadequate to address the population of Addu City.

Shuaau noted that the Addu City Police is overextending themselves with limited resources.

There were two violent gang related crimes reported in Addu City this month, with one victim receiving critical injuries. In a press conference after the violent attacks, the Addu City Council highlighted the lack of police officers and vehicles in the city.

Addu City Moolekede Councillor Ahmed Saeed on Saturday reiterated this sentiment stating that the lack of Police officers in Addu City is a major challenge in providing security to high risk areas such as the Hithadhoo flats.

The lack of police has lead to Addu City Council exploring other avenues of security amid rising fear among the Addu City residents.