Speaker Nasheed to dialogue parliamentary governance with the President

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and Speaker of Maldives Parliament Mohamed Nasheed | Photo: President's Office

Malé, Maldives – Former President and Speaker of the Maldives Parliament Mohamed Nasheed today stated that he will address the governance change to the parliamentary system after dialogue with President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

Nasheed said this at his first press conference since the May 6 terror attack.

The Speaker stated that he believes that the best governance system for the Maldives is a parliamentary system.

Nasheed has previously communicated his interest to become the Prime Minister to the incumbent President. The current Speaker Nasheed’s proposition is to cancel the Presidential election scheduled for February 2023 and hold a referendum for a parliamentary governance system.

This campaign [to change the governance to a parliamentary system] continues with dialogue with the President [Solih]

Speaker Nasheed

Nasheed stated yesterday that his and the incumbent President Solih’s political stands have diverged and he cannot stand by the President’s side any longer.