Rescue Services cover 4706 nautical miles in search of missing boy

MNDF states that a total of 4706 nautical miles have been searched by air and sea with no success in finding the missing boy.

Operation ongoing in search of the boy lost at sea during the incident near K.Olhuveli Resort is still without success.


Four days ago, three people were thrown off a launch due to stormy seas. While one person was rescued, a mother died with her son still missing at sea.

BREAKING: Sea accident leaves mother dead, son missing

Police state that the launch was en route to V. Atoll from Malé and the incident was reported at 17:06 on 16 October 2021.

MNDF previously requested the help of the public in their search for the missing 4 year old. Vessels passing the accident site region and neighboring islands are to be on the lookout for any signs of the child. MNDF requests to call 191, 3395981 or 3398898 with any information.

The boy was last seen wearing a black t-shirt.