Maldives Qualification Authority blacklists CITM

CITM Certificate Awarding Ceremony | Photo: Sharaffuddin School

Malé, Maldives – The Maldives Qualification Authority (MQA) today released a statement effectively blacklisting Centre for Information Technology Management (CITM).

The qualification authority stated that the board has decided to cancel all the licensing for all programs conducted by CITM and blacklist the institution. MQA stated that they will allow students currently enrolled in programs at the centre to complete their courses.

MQA stated that the action was taken against the tertiary education centre due to inability to meet multiple criteria.

  • CITM enrols student who do not meet the entry criteria.
  • The centre has failed to submit required documents upon completion for batches and failed the supervision phase.
  • Issuing diplomas to students without completing due process with the MQA.
  • Delays or failure to issue diplomas to students following MQA approval.
  • Failure to submit the before commencing form as required since 2014.

MQA has given CITM one month from the date of the notice, till 1 December 2021, for the institution to meet the requirements. Failing to meet with the MQA requirements will lead to ban on enrolling further students and the Higher Education Ministry will take action against the institution