Man arrested for defecating in Addu City mosque

Addu City Feydhoo mosque | Photo: Facebook

Addu City, Maldives – The Maldives Police has arrested a 47 year old man for defecating in an Addu City mosque.

Masjid Al Nasr and Masjid Al Amaany of the Feydhoo District were desecrated in the early hours of this morning according to reports.

While the Addu City Mayor Ali Nizar states that the culprit suffers from potential mental illnesses Addu City, Feydhoo councilor Aminath Salma has stated that the City Council will not tolerate any acts desecrating Islam and strict action will be taken against any such individuals.

Assuring her constituents that there will be no hesitation in taking action, Salma said that this is an alarming, cowardly act.