Man who desecrated Addu City mosque released under doctor’s advisement

Addu City Feydhoo mosque | Photo: Facebook

Addu City, Maldives – The Maldives Police Service, today, stated that the man who was arrested for defecating in an Addu City mosque has been released.

Police state that the man was released due to potential health complications if taken into custody. The man has now been released to the care of his family under doctor’s counsel.

On Thursday, police arrested the 47 year old man for defecating in an Addu City mosque.

Masjid Al Nasr and Masjid Al Amaany of the Feydhoo district were desecrated in the early hours of the morning according to reports.

Cases of mosque desecration has risen recently with a foreigner and Maldivian urinating in Malé mosques, spitting in the Quran and trespassing into Islamic Centre naked.