Thinadhoo Council opens housing allocation for non-natives

GDh. Thinadhoo | Photo: Studio 33

Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll, Maldives – In an extraordinary move on Tuesday, the GDh. Thinadhoo Council has opened up housing allocation in the southern atoll capital to non-natives.

Thinadhoo Island Council opened for calls of interest for housing in the island, stating that Thinadhoo is a fast developing island and wishes to include not only Thinadhoo natives but people from all islands to progress. The island council stated that they are focusing on a larger picture that is not centric only to the island.

To this end, the island is offering an opportunity for housing for non-islanders. All interested parties may apply through a google form by 31 March 2022.

Through this form, the council is also exploring the perferred housing options including government housing for rent and sale, row houses, and land for rent and sale.

Land allocation for non-natives is highly unusual in the Maldives except in the capital city Malé. However, more recently, even the capital city is more focused on prioritizing Malé natives in providing housing.