Covid-19 patients, direct contacts to vote in Komandoo by-election

Voter at a polling station in Addu City to case his vote for the Local Council Election (LCE) and Women’s Development Committee (WDC) election held on April 10, 2021 | Photo: The Times of Addu

Malé, Maldives – Elections Commission (EC) released the guidelines today regarding Covid-19 positive voters and direct contacts of the Sh. Komandoo by-election.

The Komandoo constituency has 3,316 eligible voters and the election date is set for this Saturday, 5 February 2022.

Contacts and positive patients are to vote between 1500 and 1600 on Saturday.

While Covid-19 spread is controlled in Sh. Komandoo, the constituency has 1300 registered in the capital city Malé with a 38 percent positivity rate.

Elections Commissions have urged positive patients and contacts to follow HPA guidelines at the polling stations. Contacts and positive patients were also allowed to vote in the most recent Local Council Elections.

Three candidates are contesting the election.

MDP representative Mohamed Rasheed served as the Council President of Sh. Fokaidhoo. The opposition coalition is represented by former Deputy Home Minister Moosa Fathuhy. Newly formed Maldives National Party (MNP) are also contesting with Komandoo native Abdul Hannan Idris.

The election is scheduled following the passing of the Komandoo MP Hussain Waheed.

In the most recent election for the Komandoo constituency, senior member of MDP, the late Hussain Waheed won the seat with majority votes.