Komandoo by-election debate to be aired on January 25

MDP representative Mohamed Rasheed, Maldives National Party (MNP) representative Abdul Hannan Idris, Opposition coalition representative Moosa Fathuhy | Photo: Jazeera

Malé, Maldives – The debate for the Komandoo by-election to appoint a parliamentarian for the constituency has been scheduled for 21:00 on 25 January 2021 to be aired via PSM.

This debate aims to introduce the candidates and familiarize their policies to the public. This will also allow the public to make an informed decision at the poll station.

Three candidates are contesting the election.

MDP representative Mohamed Rasheed served as the Council President of Sh. Fokaidhoo. Newly formed Maldives National Party (MNP) are also contesting with Komandoo native Abdul Hannan Idris. The opposition coalition is represented by former Deputy Home Minister Moosa Fathuhy.

The election is scheduled following the passing of the Komandoo MP Hussain Waheed.

The party is expected to visit 3 islands of the Komandoo constituency, Komandoo, Maroshi and Fokaidoo.

In the most recent election for the Komandoo constituency, senior member of MDP, the late Hussain Waheed won the seat with majority votes.

The constituency has 3,316 eligible voters and the election date is set for 5 February 2022.