Indian Defence Secretary Dr Ajay Kumar calls on Defence Minister Mariya Didi

Indian Defence Secretary Dr Ajay Kumar with Maldivian Defence Minister Mariya Didi | Photo: Defence Ministry

Malé, Maldives – Defence Secretary of India, Dr Ajay Kumar paid a courtesy call on Minister of Defence Uza. Mariya Didi.

The meeting was held at the Ministry of Defence in Malé.

Discussions focused on the immense and expanding India-Maldives defence cooperation in the past three years.

The Minister thanked India for the immense assistance during the Covid pandemic with vaccine shipments, medical supplies, transportation of food supplies, humanitarian assistance and technical support for MNDF, with more than 170 medical evacuations and 130 surveillance missions conducted in the past couple of years.

The Minister expressed her deep appreciation for the Coast Guard Dockyard project, which is set to be the most comprehensive defence infrastructure development project carried out in Maldives.

The Indian Defence Secretary Dr Ajay Kumar noted that the Government of India was committed to further boosting India-Maldives partnership.

The Minister of Defence was joined by Military Secretary BG Abdul Matheen Ahmed, MNDF Surgeon General COL Dr Ali Shahid Mohamed, DIDC’s Principal Director LTC Ahmed Shareef, and Director of Anti-Human Trafficking Ali Jaishan Amir.