Judicial Service Commission moves to dissolve Hulhumalé Magistrate Court against Supreme Court ruling

Members of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) | Photo: Mihaaru

Malé, Maldives – The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) on Sunday stated that the commission has started the process to dissolve the Hulhumalé Magistrate Court.

The JSC statement reads that the Supreme Court ruling to maintain the Hulhumalé Magistrate Court under case 31/S-SC/2012 on 5 December 2012 is completely against the law and based on falsities. With this, the JSC appealed the ruling at the Supreme Court, which upheld the 2012 decision stating that there are no unlawful factors in the 2012 ruling.

The Judicature Act of the Maldives (Act No: 22/2010) states that Malé will have Superior Courts and islands will have Magistrate Courts. The Constitution includes Vilimalé and Hulhumalé as districts of Malé. Therefore, the establishment of a magistrate court in Malé is against the law.

JSC Statement

Attorney General Ibrahim Riffath also tweeted today that the government will amend the laws to resolve this issue alleging that the “Hulhumalé court was formed with political motivations.”