Death sentence for migrant worker convicted of Dhangethi murder

Shah Alom Mia (29) | Photo: Mihaaru

Malé, Maldives – Earlier today, the Criminal Court of Maldives issues a death sentence to Bangladeshi migrant worker Shah Alom Mia (29), common name Salim, guilty for the murder of Dhangethi businessman Mahmood Abu Bakr (57).

This is the first time in Maldives history a death sentence has been passed on a foreigner.

The Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO) charged Salim with,

  • Murder, for knowingly causing the death of another person.
  • Abuse of a corpse, for treating a corpse in a way that he knows would outrage ordinary family sensibilities.

Police stated on 2 December 2021 that the suspect has admitted to the murder of local businessman Mahmood Abu Bakr, inflicting over 30 wounds to the deceased’s body.

At the criminal trial, Salim confessed to the murder stating that he was influenced by Satan to commit the crime and apologized for his crime. Salim also stated that the guilty plea was voluntary and not the result of any force, threats or any form of coercion.

All of Abu Bakr’s heirs have requested Qisas, the Islamic Shariah principle giving the right of the heirs of a murder victim to demand execution of the murderer.

On 14 October 2021, Abu Bakr’s body was found disposed of inside a well in an abandoned home in ADh. Dhangethi.