Police investigate vandalism of ex-President Yameen’s private residence

Arrest YAG stamps graffitied on ex-President Yameen Abdul Gayoom's residence | Photo: Dhauru

Malé, Maldives – Police on Thursday began investigations after unknown individuals graffitied the walls of former President Yameen Abdul Gayoom’s private residence and the opposition PPM headquarters.

Earlier today the walls and entrance of the former President’s home were graffitied with “Arrest YAG” graphics with President Yameen’s face printed on the posters while printed copies of “Arrest YAG” were littered across the sidewalk.

Ex-President Yameen has been a vocal advocate of graffiti for the opposition-led “India Out” movement which has now been outlawed.

Earlier this month a group identifying as “Maldives Youth Force” gathered in front of former President Yameen Abdul Gayoom’s private residence to call for his rearrest. The opposition sounded alarms at the time about the lack of security provided to the former President.

The opposition held a press conference today reiterating the same concerns alleging that the incumbent government have not taken adequate actions to guarantee ex-President Yameen’s safety.

President Yameen was exempted from security measures by MNDF in November 2019 when the Criminal Court sentenced that he was guilty of laundering USD 1 million of the government through MMPRC by leasing GA. Vodamula.

However, with the acquittal of the former President unanimously by three justices bench of the Supreme Court on 30 November 2021, security must be enforced for ex-President Yameen under the Maldivian legislature.