Maldivian bed capacity for tourists surpasses 60,000

maafushi guesthouse
Kaani Village and Spa, guesthouse in Maafushi, Kaafu Atoll, Maldives | Photo: Budget Maldives

Malé, Maldives – For the first time since the introduction of tourism in the country, the Maldives’s bed capacity for tourists has exceeded 60,000.

Recent statistics shared by the Ministry of tourism reflects the growth in the industry, indicating that the bed capacity is currently at 60,055, out of which 39,879 are dispersed amongst 167 resorts. The remaining beds account of 17,221 beds in 851 guest houses and 2,937 beds in 152 safaris.

Despite this, only 54,178 beds are reported to be operational.

Breakdown of operational bed capacity:

  • 162 resorts: 38,822 beds
  • 643 guesthouses: 12,444 beds
  • 148 safaris: 2,912 beds

Geographical disbursements of the beds show that there are 5,786 beds in Malé atoll, out of which 2,338 beds are in 73 guesthouses in the Greater Malé region. The most popular guesthouse island in the Maldives, which also has the most number of guesthouses in the country has a total of 1,578 beds available for tourists.

Although bed capacity is increasing in the country, all new resorts that are opening are those which were developed on islands and lagoons leased during previous presidential terms.