Application for 27 land plots open in Addu tourism zone

Aerial view of Hithadhoo, Addu City | Photo: The Times of Addu

Addu City, Maldives – Applications for the remaining 27 land plots from the Addu tourism zone are now open.

Among the plots that are currently open for application are the six plots from Hithadhoo “Maamem Beach”, which includes five plots for guest houses and one plot for a city hotel.

Additionally, two plots from Feydhoo “Savaa Beach” are also open for application.
An additional 9 plots from Hulhudhoo “Keyav Beach” and 10 plots from Meedhoo “Koagan Beach” are also open for applications.

These plots are being given out under a project to increase the bed capacity of the Addu tourism sector to 8,000 beds, out of which 50 plots have already been given out. The total number plots to be given out under this project is 93.

As such, the remaining plots from the total 93 will see facilities developed directly by the council and out sourced to be operated by other parties.