MNDF investigative committee takes statement from parents of deceased trainee

Private Mohamed Rafil Rabeel | Photo: Facebook

Malé, Maldives – The committee formed to investigate the death of Private Rafil has taken the statements of his parents regarding Private Mohamed Rafil Rabeel’s (19) death.

Maldives National Defence Force has formed a committee to investigate the death of Private Mohamed Rafil Rabeel at a training camp on March 7.

The parents questioned why the deceased was not given any medical care despite services being available at Faafilaafushi where their son was training.

Private Rafil’s family allege that he had to continue training despite bringing to attention that the trainee was suffering from a high fever.

In addition to Private Rafil, two other trainees had serious health complications while training with one being treated at the ICU.

MNDF stated to the media that the training programs are rigorous and intensive with included risks and that officers selected for these programs undergo multiple medical and physical tests. They further stated that comments regarding these incidents will be held off until the committee concludes their investigations.