Ambulances to be delivered to 21 islands

Ambulance shipment dispatched to the islands in 2019 | Photo: PSM

Malé, Maldives – Ambulances are to be delivered to an additional 21 islands as part of the government’s efforts to relieve the difficulties faced by islanders due to the lack of ambulances.

The vehicles were imported to the country via state owned enterprise State Trading Organisation (STO), marking the fourth batch of bringing ambulances under the MoU signed between STO and the Ministry of Health of Maldives.

The MoU was signed last June by Ministry of Health of Maldives, the Ministry of Finance and STO, as part of the government’s efforts to deliver 96 ambulances to islands within the Maldives.

The current plan of the government is to deliver at least 60 ambulances by the end of this year, it has been revealed.