Civil Service Commission must uphold Council decisions: Addu City Councilor

Addu City Maradhoo Councilor Ahmed Nadhir | Photo: Addulive

Addu City, Maldives – Addu City Councilor representing the Maradhoo district on Sunday stated that the Civil Service Commission must uphold the City Council’s decisions as they represent over 30,000 voters.

On April 6, Addu City Council held a no-confidence vote to remove the council’s Secretary General Mohamed Shujau from his post. The emergency motion to remove Shujau was submitted by Maradhoo Councilor Ahmed Nadir and passed with one vote difference.

Councilor Nadhir raised alarms after Shujau was present with the council at an emergency meeting held last night to discuss the concerns of Addu fishermen. Nadhir stated that an individual voted to have lost the confidence of the council must not be present with the council in events.

To this, Addu City Mayor Ali Nizar clarified that the Civil Service Commission had yet to make a decision on the matter and the council cannot remove the Secretary-General from duty. The Mayor added that the matter has been brought to the attention of management of Civil Service Commission and the President himself.

Nadhir who moved to remove SG Shujau from office alleging a lack of cooperation in the council’s work stressed that the Civil Service Commission and even the President himself cannot change the decision made by the city council which represents over 30,000 voters.

“Addu City Council staff works for the council. The Council will take action in accordance with Civil Service Regulation. There is no higher authority to bypass the council decisions. Not even the President of Maldives,” said Nadhir.

Nadhir further stated that the Civil Service is not its own “government” to make autonomous decisions and must uphold council decisions.