Police search for four suspects regarding May 2 gang violence

L-R, Mausoom Mohamed Didi (27), Munaadh Jaufar (20), Ahmed Sathiu (21), Ahmed Rabeeu (24) | Photo: Police

Malé, Maldives – The Maldives Police Service on Wednesday released information on four suspects regarding the May 2 gang violence that gravely injured two.

Police state that the suspects are connected to the gang violence which occurred at the Majeedhee Magu – Janawaree Magu junction in the capital city Malé.

Police are searching for,

  • Ahmed Sathiu (21), Coral, S. Maradhoo
  • Munaadh Jaufar (20), Naadhee, S. Hulhudhoo
  • Mausoom Mohamed Didi (27), Dhaftharu RS2260, Malé
  • Ahmed Rabeeu (24), Guleynooranmaage, GA. Maamendhoo

Police earlier announced search notice for seven suspects regarding the May 2 gang violence. Five have been arrested for the crime including a minor (15). The others include Ahmed Shimhaz (22), Seenuge, Th. Thimarafushi, Looth Ahmed Asif (18), M. Lonumidhilige, Malé, Hassan Ziyan Ibrahim (18), Unimaage, GDh. Vaadhoo and Ahmed Nazih (27), Kenereege, GA. Gemanafushi.

The four adults have been remanded to custody until the end of the trial while the court will decide the juvenile’s remand at the next hearing.

A series of gang violence rocked the capital city during Eid holidays, with some arrests made for the attacks.