Chef pleads self-defence in migrant murder case

Muhammad Abid (26) | Photo: Social Media

Malé, Maldives – Pakistani Chef Mohamed Abid charged with the murder of Bangladeshi water plead self-defence at the Criminal Court hearing on Sunday.

The Pakistani man was arrested during a police manhunt after the discovery of dead Bangladeshi citizen with multiple stab wounds in their chest and head at popular restaurant Khanji located in Hulhumalé.

At the hearing held today at the Criminal Court, Abid’s defence lawyer Ibrahim Ali stated that the defendant was in a mental confusion after suffering from a hit in the head by the victim. Defence stated that the murder was self-defence and the defendant did not realise that he had used a knife to attack.

While the state is charging Abid with murder with intent to kill, the defence rejected this.

The prosecution has prepared to present 11 witnesses and multiple exhibits as evidence. Defence requested five days to collect and present evidence.