JUST IN: Saahil held in remand until end of trial

Ali Shaahil, arrested in the murder of Shiaau Mohamed | Photo: Social Media

Malé, Maldives – Ali Saahil (23), who was arrested in the murder of Shiaau Mohamed (22) last night, has been ordered to be held in remand until the end of trial.

The remand was ordered by the Criminal Court during a closed hearing held to determine his remand period. The hearing was closed upon the request of Police.

Saahil was arrested from the crime scene last night, where Shiaau Mohamed was found murdered, with her head and limbs severed, according to local reports. Although two body bags are reported to have been removed from the crime scene, authorities are yet to confirm this.

It has been reported that the locally famous skater was led out of the crime scene last night in a hazmat suit, presumably to preserve DNA identified on his person.

Further details are expected to come to light in the coming days as investigation proceeds.