Five charges against Saahil for murdering Shiaau

Ali Shaahil, arrested in the murder of Shiaau Mohamed | Photo: Social Media

Malé, Maldives – Five charges have been filed against Ali Saahil, the accused in the murder of Shiaau Mohammed Saeed, who was found brutally murdered inside an apartment in the city.

22-year old Shiaau Mohamed Saeed was found decapitated and her limbs mutilated at H. Sheereenvilla, Malé City on August 6, 2022 . 23 year old skater Ali Saahil was arrested from the crime scene and is being held in remand until the end of his trial.

The Prosecutor General’s Office revealed that five charges have been filed against Saahil in connection with the murder.

Three of the charges have been made public. Saahil is charged with intentional homicide, possession of pornography and use of cannabis. Out of respect for the family, the prosecutor’s office did not provide details of the remaining two charges.

Police had earlier said the investigation was being delayed because the motive behind the murder was not known.

Police had earlier said she died of deliberate injuries, according to the post-mortem report. She was also severely injured after her death, police said.