Saahil was under the influence at the time of arrest: Police

Police Conference | Photo: Mihaaru

Malé, Maldives – During a press conference held by Maldives Police Service held to clarify details of the gruesome murder of Shiaau Mohamed (22) in Malé last night, the authority revealed that Ali Saahil who was arrested in connection to the crime was under the influence of drugs at the time of arrest.

While Police did not revealed the exact type of drug the 23 year old skater was under the influence of at the time, police also refrained from providing the public information of the extent of the victim’s injuries upon the request of the victim’s family. Revealing that the deceased was discovered either in the apartment the accused lived or where he frequented, Police refrained for divulging any further details on that matter.

However, it was revealed that as of now, the only suspect with regards to the murder is Saahil who does not have a prior criminal record. Providing further details, Police stated that despite this, Saahil is yet to confess and that several equipment believed to have been used in carrying out the murder have been taken into police custody. Further analysis of the scene is currently underway.

Clarifying reports by local media speculating the relationship between the victim and and Saahil, Police stated that the pair were not married.

Following Shiaau’s murder, her family has requested the media and public to refrain from publishing pictures of the deceased and revealing details and extent of injuries sustained by her.

Earlier today, Saahil was ordered to be held in remand until the end of trial.