Shiaau’s Murder: Police request not to circulate pictures

Area where Shiaau's murder took place | Photo: Adhadhu

Malé, Maldives – Following the alleged leak of crime scene photos from H. Sheereenvilla where 22 year old Shiaau Mohamed Saeed was found murdered on August 6th, Police have urged the public to refrain from circulating the photos.

Police, without commenting on the authenticity of the photos circulating on social media, denied accusations that the photos were leaked from within the organisation.

“The photos [circulating on social media] were not taken, nor are they being used for the purposes of Police investigation. However, this authority is currently investigating whether anyone who entered the crime scene took and leaked the photos,” Police said in a statement published on Twitter today.

Following Shiaau’s murder, of which Times of Addu will not repeat details the injuries upon the public request of the family, 23 year old skater Ali Saahil was arrested from the crime scene and has been held in remand until the end of his trial.

Shiaau’s funeral was held on 14th August in her home city, Fuvahmulah.