No Ministers investigated over explicit same-sex video scandal: CP Hameed

Home Minister Imran Abdulla and Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed | Photo: Police

Malé, Maldives – Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed has stated today that there are not Cabinet Ministers involved in the recently leaked same-sex videos.

Local police have been investigating the alleged leak and subsequent blackmail of same-sex videos involving multiple men, including some high profile individuals of Maldives, with Bangladeshi man MD Alamgir. Although previously reported by local media outlets that the number of men who had sexual relations with Alamgir on video exceeded 250, Police have clarified that the number is below 50.

In connection with the videos, recent social media posts have also published phone numbers claiming that the owners of those numbers were men who have had sexual relations with Alamgir, and included the name of a Cabinet Minister and his number as well, which garnered significant criticism against the Minister.

Local media outlet ‘Mihaaru’ quoted Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed, stating that the phone numbers were posted by a fake account and that some of the names in the list are not individuals currently under investigation.

“That list is fabricated. There are no Ministers’ names in any case being investigated,” Commissioner Hameed said.

Alamgir, along with several others have been arrested, with many others’ passports also being ceased. Among the other arrested are former MP Mohamed Nasheed, lawyer and younger brother of Speaker Nasheed, Nazim Sattar, a police officer and a journalist.