Arrestees in blackmail case using Alamgir’s videos released, case filed

Those who allegedly used Alamgir's video to blackmail people. | Photo: Police

Malé, Maldives – Maldives Police Service has released all those arrested for recording videos of Bangladeshi national MD Alamgir having sex with a number of men and using the materials to blackmail people.

The scandal came to light when videos allegedly depicting explicit content of same-sex relations between Alamgir and well known locals were leaked on social media.

Police had released the names of three people accused of blackmailing them, demanding large sums of money and posting some videos on social media.

According to Police, they have been released and a case has now been filed.

Police said the prosecutor’s office has been informed that the evidence received is not sufficient to file a criminal charge.

The arrested persons were released in November last year and the case was filed on the advice of the prosecutor. However, if more information is available, the case will be re-examined.

Police said five people were arrested in the case but the identities of two were not disclosed.

The two men were released after being produced before the court for a decision on their arrest and detention, police said.

The arrested were identified as Hamdoon Abdullah, 37, Mohammed Mihad Mustafa, 24, and Maumoon Musa, 41.

Hamdoon Abdullah was accused as the main blackmailer in the case. Police had earlier said that the accused was in charge of the blackmail ring.

According to Commissioner of Police Mohammed Hameed, the authority had identified that 38 had homosexual relationships with Alamgiri on camera.

Their cases will be sent for prosecution as their investigations are concluded, he said. Passports of 18 people identified from analyzed videos have already been seized.