Explicit same sex videos: 18 passports seized

Maldives immigration counter at VIA | Photo: Immigration

Malé, Maldives – The passports of 18 persons involved in the now leaked explicit same-sex videos have been seized by authorities, revealed Police today.

However, Police refrained from revealing any further details pertaining to the case at this moment.

Local reports state that the number of people involved in the same-sex scandal with a Bangladeshi man identified as MD Alamgir goes up to 250.

Currently there are four such individuals under police custody, including Speaker Nasheed’s younger brother and lawyer Nazim Sattar, former MP Mohamed Nasheed, former Drug Enforcement Officer Sergeant Abdul Rahman Rafeeu and Journalist Abdulla Naseer.

As more persons involved in the scandal, including high profile individuals of the country are being identified, authorities continue to suspend anyone known to be involved in the scandal from their positions.