Yoga day violence: Action to be taken against those found negligent

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih with his Cabinet of Ministers | Photo: Presidency

Malé, Maldives – The sub-committee of the Cabinet of Ministers, following investigations into the violent incident that took place on Yoga day in Malé, has made a total of 39 recommendations in five areas.

The sub-committee’s findings and recommendations regarding the violence – which was perpetrated against the participants of a International Yoga Day event held on 21 June in Galolhu National Stadium – were discussed during a cabinet meeting held yesterday.

Focus areas of the recommendations include security management and protocols for implementing security operations, formulation of policies pertaining to matters of varying religious opinions, event planning and organising, taking action against those found negligent, and identifying and quickly resolving any situations that may hinder national safety.

Following the recommendations, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has decided to notify relevant authorities to take necessary steps as per the recommendations, it has been reported.

Police arrested 21 individuals for inciting violence at the International Yoga Day event held in the early hours of 21 June 2022. The event was attended by high-profile figures including top government figures, ambassadors and UN representatives.