Hulhumalé lands to be given for Malé garage relocation

Aerial view of Hulhumalé beach area. | Photo: Passporter

Malé, Maldives – Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has decided to provide land in Hulhumalé to relocate existing garages in Malé City.

HDC told in a statement that the decision was taken in collaboration with the government as part of the government’s efforts to reduce dangerous accidents in Malé City.

The garages currently operating in the capital are located in small spaces in public houses, according to HDC. They also do welding and tinkering, and the use of various chemicals can lead to dangerous accidents. HDC has taken the initiative to reduce such incidents in collaboration with the government by allocating land for garages in Hulhumalé.

Of the existing garages in the city, those less than 1,000 sqft will be given 1,000 sqft of space in Hulhumalé. 1300 sqft of land will be allocated for garages larger than 1000 sqft. In addition, HDC has decided to allow building two-storey garages on the lands allocated.

The decision to give land from Hulhumalé to garages in the Malé City comes after a garage in M. Nirufehige recently burnt down and killed 10 people. Previously, government banned storage of any hazardous substances in any area of the city and any industrial activity has also been banned.