22 people with AIDS in Maldives

Sinamalé bridge | Photo: Raajjemv

Malé, Maldives – Health Protection Agency (HPA) has revealed that there are currently 22 people living with AIDS in Maldives.

In a statement issued on the occasion of International AIDS Day, the agency said HIV was first detected in Maldives in 1991

The number of people infected with HIV/AIDS in Maldives has reached 39 as of December last year. So far, 15 people have died and 22 are currently infected.

AIDS is transmitted through unprotected sex, the use of used syringes, untested blood transfusions and infection from an HIV-positive mother.

The theme of this year’s AIDS Day is “Get tested regularly to protect yourself from HIV”

The AIDS Day will be officially celebrated on the 12th of this month in GA. Villingili.