Gang leaders arrested for harboring a fugitive

Police monitoring traffic in capital city Malé | Photo: Nishan Ali

Malé, Maldives – Under allegations of concealing a man sought in connection to a physical altercation, four leaders of a major gang operating in Malé city have been taken into police custody under court order.

Although the police confirmed that several individuals have been arrested on charges, they refrained from disclosing any specific details such as the number of people or their identities. Additionally, the identity of the suspect who they were assisting has also not been revealed by the police.

A police spokesperson had confrimed that four individuals have been taken into custody by court order in relation to the physical altercation.

After a period of dormancy, gang-related altercations have seen a surge. A recent incident on Muranga Road in Maafannu involved the stabbing of a young individual inside a store. Despite undergoing treatment at IGMH, the victim passed away three days later.

After the occurrence, Commissioner of Police, Mohamed Hameed, revealed that the confrontation was between ‘Kuda Henveiru,’ a gang operating in the Henveiru district of Malé city, and ‘NC,’ a gang operating in Machangoalhi.