Black oil thrown at The Democrats office

Black oil thrown at The Democrats main office in Malé City. | Photo: Shifaz

The Democrats, led by MDP President Mohammed Nasheed, have been attacked by people who threw black oil at an ongoing meeting at the party headquarters last night.

The incident occurred when the Democrats office was located in front of the Artificial Beach. It is learned that the black oil was thrown by a group of people on a motorcycle.

Photos posted by the Democrats on social media show that the Democrats’ headquarters, which is now built on the site of the MDP headquarters, as well as supporters who were there at the time of the incident were also sprayed with black oil.

Democrats said the black oil was thrown as discussions to to formulate the structure of the presidential campaign in September were being carried out.

Among them was Hassan Afeef, Member of Parliament for Vilufushi Constituency, who was present at the time.

Former Presidential Office Minister Mohammed Shifaz, who’s in the team leading the party’s formation, tweeted that the Democrats would not back down even if black oil was thrown at them.

The Democrats is a political party that supporters of President Nasheed are trying to form. The Democrats’ was approved by the Election Commission on May 24, 2023. The party submitted 3,560 forms to the EC on June 1, 2023 reaching the required number of signatures to form the party within a week.

Since then, the party has been using the booth at H. Veyovilage, which used to be the MDP main office. The place was cleared and put into use a few weeks ago.