Nasheed patiently waiting to be kicked out

Speaker Nasheed returns to the Maldives Parliament since May 6 blast | Photo: Youtube/Majlis

Speaker Nasheed has expressed his feelings regarding MDP PG’s decision to oust him as speaker, speaking in Majilis today.

Addressing the members today, Nasheed said he is patiently waiting to participate in debates as the elected representative of Machangolhi medhu, the seat he won to be in the parliament. Hinting to the members who signed to oust him, that he does not give a thought about being ousted.

56 members have signed the petition to take a no-confidence vote against former President Nasheed, majority belonging to MDP. While Nasheed is still sitting President of MDP, he has long back gone against MDP’s most senior leader, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

MDP PG leadership members have met with President Solih for his advice regarding Nasheed’s behavior in Majilis previously. However, President had declined to oust him as speaker when members met him at his chambers, Muliaage.

MDP PG leader MP Mohamed Aslam has said that he no longer recognize the fighter for democracy in Nasheed. His actions as Speaker of the Parliament are baffling and unlawful as Nasheed himself is well aware of, Aslam spoke about the decision for the removal of Speaker Nasheed from his seat.

MDP PG has also decided to oust the deputy Speaker MP Eva Abdullah, as they believe she, along with Nasheed has constantly refused to carry out the Parliament according to the constitution.