Nasheed resigns from MDP

Speaker Nasheed speaks at a news conference at his presidential primary campaign office on January 22, 2023. | Photo: Fayaz Moosa

Former President Nasheed has resigned from Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), party he founded back in 2003.

He was serving as the party’s President when he resigned, while his supporters has left the party weeks back, starting their own party named, “The Democrats”.

Nasheed, current sitting Speaker of the Parliament addressed a letter today to Chairperson of MDP, explaining his reasons for leaving the Party. “The current situation of Maldives does not allow me to stay at this Party, therefore I have decided to leave the party with immediate effect.” He said in his letter.

Tensions have risen between MDP’s most senior leader, the elected President of Maldives, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and Nasheed due to political differences. Nasheed has lost to Solih in Presidential primary, before his preferred candidate for party chairperson Imthiyaz Fahmy lost to Solih’s preferred candidate, Fayyaz Ismail, current MDP Chairperson.

President Solih has been a close friend and a confidant to Nasheed for many years, before they decided to part ways during this Presidential term. Nasheed has always been a stern supporter for Parliamentary system while President Solih says he prefers Presidential system.