Democrats ally with PPM to defeat Solih

Meeting between Democrats and PPM.

The newly found, yet-to-be registered Democrats and opposition PPM has joined forces to defeat President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih in the September Presidential elections, parties announced.

The Democrats backed by formed President Nasheed and PPM backed by former President Yameen have never been on the same side of a political movement in their political long history.

On Sunday, leaders of PPM and Democrats sat together for a meeting, followed by a joint press conference. MP for Medhu Henveiru, Ali Azim from Democrats said the purpose of the meeting was to project strategies to overthrow the current Government.

“Government’s debt crisis surpassed an impossible stage while Independent Commissions has been locked tight, denying them to act independently. Both parties are concerned about these facts, that resulted to working together.” Azim added.

Democrats and PPM both has confirmed that both parties will select a candidate to compete in September Presidential election. However, parties refused to answer medias’ questions about whether selecting a single candidate to face President Solih. Azim said they will find whatever means necessary to defeat Solih.

Former President Yaameen, the leader of PPM is sitting in jail, for being convicted for money laundering and corruption charges. Prosecutor General’s office has scheduled more cases against Yameen for similar charges.

Speaking from PPM side, MP for Naifaru constituency Shiyam said they are deeply concerned by Elections Commission’s actions to unlawfully delaying the registration of Democrats. Along with Shiyam, MP for Mahibadhoo, Ahmed Toriq and MP for Faresmaathodaa, Hussain Mohamed Latheef and PNC Vice President Ibrahim Shujau attended the meeting. MP Eva Abdulla and MP Hassan Latheef joined Azim from Democrats’ side.