Global Covid-19 cases exceed 1.5 million

Photo: The Economist

Global cases of Covid-19 have exceeded 1.5 million today.

So far a total of 1,524,375 infected and 88,965 dead, while 332,869 have recovered. Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the outbreak, which initially suffered the most from the coronavirus has now almost completely recovered, while America and UK are now unfortunately looking that the highest number of deaths due to coronavirus in a day.

However, lockdown, testing, monitoring and quarantine efforts of countries such as New Zealand and South Korea are proving to be effective in stopping the virus from spreading further.

Maldives has been adopting similar strategies to contain the virus from infecting more people in the country, which includes curfews, travel restrictions as well as a temporary ban on issuing on arrival visa in to the country. Maldives has also mobilized information dissemination channels in order to ensure accurate and timely information are provided to the public.

It is still advised for everyone to stay at home as much as possible and maintain social distancing, as well as to call up respective flu clinics before going in for a consult if the person has a travel history or history of being in contact with an infected person.