Half of the resorts in Maldives to open in July.

Photo: Tourism Ministry

Malé, Maldives — The Tourism Minister of Maldives, Ali Waheedh stated that more than half of the resorts are preparing to reopen for July.

On a press conference held, Ali Waheedh informed that although the exact date for when the boarders of Maldives will reopen is yet to be announced, 41 resorts have given the assurance of reopening on July. 30 resorts disclosed that they’ll decide when the resorts will reopen depending on the date of when the boarders will reopen.

“Before Covid-19, there were 150 resorts operating in Maldives. The industry is working on opening more than half of these resort for July”, Ali Waheedh stated.

He also mentioned that while some of the resorts are fixed to open on August, few resorts are holding off to reopen during September and October.

“We expect the resorts that are holding off to open later on will speed up as well, when the date for reopening of boarders is announced. It’s likely that almost more than half of the resorts will reopen on July.”, Minister stated.

The boarders are currently decided to open on July 15 with restrictive measures.

Thereby, according to the guidelines regarding the travellers visit, airports will be checking the fever of the tourists and screen testing as well. If any tourist shows symptoms of Covid-19 such as common cold, cough or difficulty in breathing, they’ll be tested for the virus. The guideline also states that the expenses for the test will be given by the particular tourist.

Until the results of those who were tested in the airport arrives, they will be kept in a transit facility isolated. Moreover, according to the guidelines, all tourists that enter Maldives must wear masks at all times.